History of The Rift

Overview (in chronological order)

  • Gods create the world
  • Gods create first humanoid race, elves, who have some divine powers
  • Elves imbue the world with magic since the gods did not create magic along with the world
  • This is where things get a little hazy, something goes wrong with imbuing the world with magic and the world begins to change drastically. The giant super-continent begins to pull apart, land around the north pole begins to rise out of the sea, and a large rift opens that drives deep towards the planet’s core.
  • In desperation the elves create several temples throughout the land; each with the purpose of holding the world together and prevent it from falling apart. Each of the temples holds great knowledge and the power to keep the world together, but each one must be activated.
  • Before the final temple was activated to hold the world together, an Elf and some of his followers, betray their brethren at the crown of the world and release the magic contained within each of the temples. This instantaneous release of energy essentially wipes out all of the elves, including the betrayer (or so we think).
  • Each of the temples has a powerful elf sage within it tasked with protected the temple until which time that it could be used in tandem with the temple at the crown of the world and hold the world together (with the possibility of healing it’s wounds). The sages were not killed when the betrayer released the temples energies. Thus the sages, the last of the elves, met together and in a final attempt to save the world decided to create new races. Each race would be created differently so that there was a better possibility for them to save the world, a task that elves could not complete.
  • Each elf created a specific race that they thought would be best tasked to save the world. Creating the humans (for veratility), orcs (for strength), halflings (for love of the earth), dwarves (for determination and patience), half-elfs (in their own image), and gnomes (with their inherent knowledge of arcana). By creating the races the last of the elves, the sages, were killed.
  • In truth, the betrayer survived the event. He wanted to finish the job and destroy the world, but with the power of the largest template at his fingertips he created a new plan. To attempt to ‘evolve’ to a new plane of existence (like ascension) to gain additional power, destroy the world, and battle the gods for abandoning the elves when they needed them most. In his attempt he failed to actually move to the next plane and got stuck somewhere in the etherial plane, tied to his remains and the temple itself. Each time a temple is activated he can use it as a proxy to travel to other areas of the world and attempt to get them to aid his plan.

One thousand five hundred and eighty three years pass, or something like that

  • Most of the known world has been explored with the exception of the crown of the world; several expeditions have been sent to the crown but none have returned. Within the last 25 years a single expedition went to the crown and only a single man returned, a crazy captain (ahab). He made his way to the temple on the crown of the world and was brainwashed by the betrayed and given an artifact (ring) that allows them to communicate at any time. The betrayer instructs the captain to activate the elven templates in exchange for turning him into a deity. The captain was crazy in the first place and was looking for fame and fortune, which was his reason for the expedition. The captain then returns to the civilized world and attempts to locate the elven artifacts needed to open the temple doors.
  • The captain, knowing that it possibly take years to find all of the artifacts decides to use cunning and wit to deceive the nations into finding the artifacts for him. He rises up in power within a single nation, bringing them a better economy etc, and begins a campaign to find the artifacts (think wormtongue to king theodin). In doing so he runs into feuds with neighboring nations and starts a war on the east-half continent of the rift over finding the artifacts (nobody really knows this agenda but by pillaging and stealing he’s not doing himself any favors) .
  • To start a scouting party makes it’s way across the rift and stops in the starting characters town looking for artifacts before the army/raiding parties come looking for them. The night before a raid the players see the Captain in the town and he seems suspiciously nice. After coming home for the evening, one of the player’s family members will have all of their things packed and ready to go and they tell them to get out. Leave. Go away. They need to escape while they can, right now and head west to an extended family members house. If the players stay the scouting part attacks the next day, if the players leave they can either see the scouting party attack or they’ll get attacked by one or two of the scouts (who caught them leaving).
  • Once they make it to the uncles house they’ll tell him the message given to them by the family member (like a secret code word or phrase) and he’ll tell them to swim to the bottom of the pond outside and go underneath the tree. There they’ll find a repository of elven artifacts and scrolls the explain what the rift is and what must be done to try and fix it.

- Side Nodes -

  • There is one temple for each of the races (including elves)
  • Each of the temple entrances can be opened using elven artifacts. The artifacts themselves not only outline the strengths of that particular race but also solve the riddle of how to open the temple door or passageway.
  • Inside of each temple is an orb that is used to unlock the final door to the aerie where the temple can be activated.
  • While activating the temple seems to be a good idea, which it is in the long term, in the short term it strengthen’s the betrayers power and ability to reach outside of the crown of the world as he uses the temples as a proxy to communicate and effect the outside world.

History of The Rift

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